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State of the Town


2015 Digital State of the Town - Gilbert, AZ

More than 250 distinguished guests gathered at the Harkins movie theater in Gilbert, Arizona on February 10th to view the premiere of our Digital State of the Town; a 15-minute, high-quality video presentation.  This year’s theme, “Growing Up Gilbert”, highlights various members of our Gilbert community who were educated here and are now giving back to the place that raised them.

Gilbert’s future is bright. Whether you’re raising your family here, receiving an A-rated education or building your business, Gilbert is without a doubt the best place in the country to do all of these things. Those who have grown up and are growing up here are all helping to lay a path for a prosperous future.

Learn more in this year's Digital State of the Town:

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About Gilbert's Digital State of the Town:

The Town of Gilbert hosted its first ever Digital State of the Town in 2013. The 20-minute video production highlights the accomplishments of the Town of Gilbert during 2012. Mayor Lewis, Council members, and many local business leaders are highlighted in the video piece. The video is now posted online for others to view, giving people who did not have the opportunity to attend the State of the Town events a chance to view the highlights of the past year and to share with others across the state and around the country.

View past Digital State of the Town videos: