Guidelines for Recycling

Green-Check-MarksmAll materials placed in your blue container should be relatively clean.  Containers should be quickly rinsed and free of large food particles, and liquids should be drained from bottles and cans.  Additionally, all packing materials such as Styrofoam, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts should be removed from cardboard boxes and NOT placed into the blue container.

Green-Check-MarksmPlease do not bag your recycle items (except shredded paper) before placing in the blue container.  Shredded paper needs to be bagged in a CLEAR plastic bag so that the processing plant can see that the content is not garbage.  Otherwise, it is removed from the belt and discarded, unopened as trash.

Green-Check-MarksmPlease do not contaminate your recyclable containers with refuse and yard waste. Gilbert maintains a three strikes and you're out policy. That means if your blue container is found to be contaminated three times within one year the Town inspectors will remove your blue containers.

Recycling Education and Outreach

recycleThe Town of Gilbert takes pride in our curbside recycling program. We strive to make incorporating reduce reuse and recycle (RRR) behaviors into your lifestyle easy by providing dynamic and interactive education to schools, offering business and residential waste audits and partnering with HOA's to promote green-friendly communities.  Click here to submit a request for any of our Outreach services.

What IS and IS NOT Accepted in the Blue Can.

Blue Container Recycling


What Should I do with Plastic Shopping Bags?

Soft plastics (a.k.a. films) such as grocery bags, dry cleaner bags and bubble wrap are recyclable but cannot be processed by most recycling facilities.  Soft plastics become entantled in the mechanisms and wreak havoc!  Luckily, most grocery stores in the Valley have bins at their front entrance where soft plastics can be deposited for recycling by special facilities that turn them into furniture, flooring, and other products.

How do I recycle/donate ...?