The Alarm Awareness Class is an invitation to learn more about False Alarm Prevention. Upon completion of this class you will receive a waiver certificate that may be utilized for a false alarm assessment. Upcoming online classes will be announced this summer. 

Where: Gilbert Police Department, Training Facility, 75 E Civic Center Drive, Gilbert, Az 85296
How: Gilbert Police Alarm Specialist (480) 635-7459 desk (480) 635-7095 fax email

False Alarm Prevention: The majority of false alarms are caused by user error. Alarm users can help reduce false alarms by:
  • Make sure that everyone that uses an alarm system is familiar with how the system works.
  • Check windows and doors before activating the alarm system. 
  • Be aware of changes in the environment: (animals, design changes, seasonal decorations, plants, balloons, windows, signs, curtains, and human error). 
  • Notify monitoring facility of any changes in personal or work being done in or around the area being protected by the alarm system. 
  • Equipment should be routinely inspected, batteries changed and the system maintained by a qualified technician. 
  • Make sure that you know how your "panic button" works.
For more information contact the Gilbert Police Department Alarm Coordinator at (480) 635-7459 or Information about alarm companies go to Arizona Alarm Association.