Special Event Permit Status


Event Application Status:

Event Name Event Type Event Date/Time Approval Meeting Date  Status

Fall 2015

Taste of San Tan Festival  10/3/2015  9/10/2015  Approved
Gilbert Fall Carnival Festival  10/8-11/2015 9/10/2015  Approved
Barktoberfest Festival  10/10/2015  9/10/2015  Approved
Seville Tri-Atholon  Run/Bike/Swim  10/18/2015 9/10/2015 Approved
GHS Pancake Run  Run/Walk  10/31/2015  10/8/2015  Pending Approval 
AZ Ice Trunk or Treat  Festival  10/31/2015  10/8/2015  Pending Approval 
Cotopaxi Questival Scavenger Hunt 11/6/2015      10/8/2015 Pending Approval
The Color Dash 5K Run/Walk 11/7/2015     10/8/2015 Pending Approval
Gilbert Days 5K Run/Walk  11/20/2015  10/22/2015  Pending Approval
Gilbert Half Marathon Run/Walk  11/21/2015  10/8/2015  Pending Approval 
Gilbert Days Parade  Parade  11/21/2015  10/8/2015  Pending Approval 
San Tan Balloon Glow  Festival 12/5/2015  10/22/2015  Pending Approval 
Run For Broxton  Run/Walk  12/6/2015 11/12/2015  Pending Approval 
Riparian After Dark Walk/Event 12/11-18/2015  11/12/2015  Pending Approval 
12k's of Christmas Run/Walk 12/12/2015    10/22/2015 Pending Approval
Hero's in Recovery  Run/Walk  12/20/2015  11/12/2015  Pending Approval 

Spring 2016

Arete Fun Run  Run/Walk  2/20/2016  12/10/2015  Pending Approval 
Gilbert Outdoor Expo  Festival  2/20/2016  TBA   Pending Approval
Bubble Bash  Run/Walk 2/6/2016  TBA  Pending Approval
Ka-Pow Superhero Adventure Run  Run/Walk  3/19/2016  TBA   Pending Approval
Gilbert Global Village  Festival  4/9/2016  TBA   Pending Approval
San Tan Character Color Run  Run/Walk  4/9/2016  TBA   Pending Approval

For more questions about whether your event needs a permit, please contact 480-503-6200.