Reserving a Ramada


  • Visit or view online the park of your choice and select a ramada that suits your needs.
  • Note the name of the ramada (located near the roof of the ramada) or from the map on the website.
  • The rental fee is non-refundable and must be paid when the reservation is made.
  • Reservations are taken between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm, Monday -Thursday.
  • For weekdays, reservations must be made no later than 6:00pm the previous day.
  • For weekends and Mondays, reservations must be made no later than 6:00 pm the previous Thursday.
  • All changes to reservations must be made 24 hours in advance (during business hours Monday-Thursday)

Reserve by phone: 480-503-6200
Credit Card Required

Reserve in person at the Parks and Recreation Office: 90 E Civic Center Drive, Gilbert, AZ
Credit card (American Express, MasterCard and Visa), money order, cash or check (with valid driver's license) accepted.

To make a reservation, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Location (Park and Ramada)
  • Date of the event. (A minimum of one hour is required for a reservation)
  • Time of event – please include set up and clean up time
  • Type of activity
  • Approximate number of people attending.
  • Special equipment or games that will be brought into the park
  • Caterers and any other outside companies if applicable (moonwalk, vendors, etc.) must have proof of insurance on file with Town of Gilbert Parks and Recreation.
  • Any equipment brought in the park must be included on your permit and have insurance coverage.  This includes: inflatables, moonwalks, propane heaters, generators, climbing walls, amplified music, bands, and portable restrooms. 
  • Inflatable requests must complete an information form.  Inflatable form

Ramada Sizes and Fees

  Non-Profit Organization   Private/Family   Commercial   Seating 
 Small Ramada    $10.00/hr   $15.00/hr   $20.00/hr   1-4 tables (seats ~6-28)
 Medium Ramada   $15.00/hr  $20.00/hr   $25.00/hr    5-7 tables (seats ~30-42)
 Large Ramada   $20.00/hr   $25.00/hr   $35.00/hr   8+ tables (seats ~48 +)
 Ramada Grouping (McQueen only)   $20.00/hr   $25.00/hr   $35.00/hr   3 ramadas, 9 tables (seats ~54)

Non-residents are charged a 50% surcharge

Other Reservable Park Space & Amenities

Picnic tables, sand volleyball, basketball and tennis courts are located throughout many of our parks and may be reserved for your group or family activity.

  Non-Profit Organization   Private/Family  Commercial    
 Picnic Tables    $3.00/table  $3.00/table  $5.00/table  Per table charge
 Sand Volleyball, Basketball & Tennis courts  $4.00/hr   $7.00/hr   $11.00./hr  Per court charge
 Amphitheater  $15.00/hr   $25.00/hr  $45.00/hr  
 Page Park Pavilion  $15.00/hr   $25.00/hr  $45.00/hr   Must request use of electricity  

Non-residents are charged a 50% surcharge

  • Reservations are Non-Refundable. A credit will be issued for future use if cancelled 3 business days in advance.
  • Electricity is available at most ramadas and the amphitheater, however it is not guaranteed as part of your reservation. If you will need electricity for items such as a bounce house, we recommend you provide a generator.
    • No electricity at Zanjero, Freestone Tennis & Sunview Park Ramadas
  • A $25.00 administration fee is applied beginning with the third change on a park reservation.
  • All changes to reservations need to be made at least 24 hours in advance.  
  • All changes to weekend reservations need to be made by 6:00pm the Thursday prior to the reservation.
  • Additional fees, surcharges (and/or special circumstance deposits) may be assessed to individuals or groups requiring special accommodation resulting in out-of pocket costs to the department or Town of Gilbert.