Park Rules & Regulations


  1. No spirituous liquor, beer, or wine allowed in parks or parking lot.
  2. Please place litter in trash receptacles.
  3. Glass containers are not permitted in parks or parking lots.
  4. Horses are not permitted in parks (OK to be on multi-use paths where designated).
  5. Dogs must be on a leash at all times (owners are responsible for cleaning up after their animals).
  6. No motorized vehicles (including Go-Peds) are allowed on sidewalks or the grass.
  7. Parks are open from 5:30am-10:00pm.
  8. No golfing in Town Parks, except at places designated by the Town of Gilbert Parks and Recreation Department.
  9. Ice blocking and cardboard sliding is not permitted.
  10. Sales of food, beverages, or any other item is prohibited in all Town Parks and within three hundred (300) feet of a Town Park, unless authorized pursuant to Section 46-31 of the Gilbert Municipal Code.
  11. Request from Park Rangers must be strictly adhered to in the interest of public safety.
  12. All requests for Park Permits shall be revocable at any time by the Department Director (or designate) upon finding of a violation of any rule, ordinance or state statute.

Please report rule violations to the Gilbert Park Rangers at 480-503-6263 or Gilbert Police Dept at 480-503-6500.        (The Parks and Recreation phone number is 480-503-6200)

The Town of Gilbert, its officers, employees and agents shall not be responsible for any accident, injury, and/or loss of property or damage resulting from the use of the Park by any group or organization.    


Ball Field Rules

  1. Climbing on or over fences is prohibited.
  2. “Soft Toss” against the fence is prohibited.
  3. Hitting against the fence is not allowed.
  4. Vehicles are not allowed on fields.
  5. Un-sportsmanlike conduct, fighting, foul language will not be allowed.
  6. Use established base distance only
  7. Throw down bases may only be used on dirt infields