Financial Plan


financialGilbert is committed to providing a comprehensive financial perspective that enables proactive management of government finances. Long term financial planning ensures that financial perspective is strategically incorporated into organizational planning, demonstrates good management to all stakeholders including bond rating agencies, and clarifies the organization's strategic direction by identifying and prioritizing the most important issues it faces. Short term financial planning is more tactical in nature, identifying the specific near term objectives that will ultimately help to achieve the long term goals. Gilbert will provide transparency, clarity, and timely visibility and insight into impending issues, allowing for flexibility in decision making and incremental corrections. 



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2013 Goals

 Goal  Expected Outcome(s) / Results

Douglas Boyer

Capture and maintain 100% of the Town of Gilbert Contract purchases in Edens Contract Module by March 31, 2013. NOTE: this WIG was on hold while staff vacancies in the Purchasing division were filled. Once staffing vacancies were filled, Purchasing staff worked towards accomplishing the WIG by December 13, 2013. More reliable purchasing data; create opportunities visible to combine purchases; save the Town money; establish baseline data to use for future WIGs. RESULTS: Training was developed and conducted for designated Town Staff. As of 4/11/13, 88% of scheduled staff had completed training. As of 12/13/13, post-training audits indicate 86% of the contract purchases were properly and fully captured in Eden Contract Module. Purchasing staff will incorporate additional Eden Contract Module training as part of a more formal Purchasing Training program in 2014 to work towards the 100% goal.  yellowDiamond
Tax Compliance
John Olsen
Increase the # of Residential Rental Properties Licensed from 500 in FY 12 to 625 in FY 13. Simplify the licensing process for taxpayers; Reduce the amount of Division resources consumed to license residential rental properties; and Create a streamlined process that will allow an increasing number of properties to be licensed over the coming years. RESULTS: Staff exceeded their goal by 24%, increasing the number of Residential Rental Properties licensed from 500 in FY 12 to 778 in FY 13 - an increase of 55%!!  blueDiamond

2012 Goals

 Goal Expected Outcome(s) / Results
Office of Management and Budget
Dawn Irvine
Reduce structural deficit by 50% by June 30, 2012. Provides components needed for Balanced Financial Plan which ensures we have the resources to continue to provide core public services. RESULTS: Zero-based budget process and economic recovery resulted in structural balance under current system. Results of Class and Comp study expected to impact 5-year plan assumptions, and will be addressed in upcoming budget processes.  blueDiamond
Office of Management and Budget
Dawn Irvine
Improve internal and external support of Gilbert's Budget Process by June 30, 2012. More collaborative process resulting in improved accuracy of the budget, prioritized use of resources, as well as transparency and clarity. RESULTS: Improved support of the new Budget Process from an average of 4.65 to 7.56 on a 10 point scale (63% improvement)!  blueDiamond
Human Resources
Carrie Bosley
Implement a compensation program, as defined by the Compensation Philosophy, beginning July 2013. A compensation program that will allow the organization to attract, acquire, develop, and retain talent. RESULTS: Compensation recommendations were implemented on March 8, 2013.  blueDiamond