Local Hazards & Emergency Situations

Thunderstorms, Lightning, and Monsoons

Severe thunderstorms with rain, strong winds and lightning can occur in the Valley year-round and at all hours, so be prepared.

Extreme Heat

If Gilbert is suffering a prolonged period of excessive heat and humidity, you should take steps to protect your safety and health.

Water Contamination

If Gilbert experiences a major disruption to the Town's water system, you may be asked to stop using any water from City sources.

Power Outages

A major power outage, especially during the summer months, can be dangerous for residents of all ages. Are you prepared?

Hazardous Materials

In the event of a major chemical emergency, listen carefully to radio or television emergency alert stations and follow instructions.

Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant

In the event of an accident involving the actual or potential release of radiation into the atmosphere, citizens should be informed, prepared.

Public Health Incident

Federal, state and county health agencies are monitoring seasonal and novel flu viruses can affect large segments of the population.