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NEW! 09.16.15 The Arizona Department of Revenue's Tax Amnesty Program:  The State of Arizona is offering taxpayers an opportunity to file back taxes without civil penalties and interest.  Follow this link to learn more about the program.

NEW! 04.06.15 TPT for CONTRACTORS-2015; PowerPoint Presentation; New 2015 Changes to Contracting Tax are summarized in this presentation:  2015 TPT for Contractors

NEW! 01.14.15 PROPERTY MANAGERS; Guidance for Residential Rental Licensing & ReportingThe League of Arizona Cities & Towns, together with industry representatives and the Arizona Department of Revenue, has provided guidance for Residential Rental Property Managers to ease the burden of transitioning to the new licensing and reporting requirements as a result of the TPT Simplification. The Guidance Letter explains how the Cities and AZDOR have agreed to treat Property Managers during the transition.  The Residential Rental Matrix is provided as a tool to assist Property Managers and Landlords in determining their licensing and reporting requirements.

 NEW! TPT (Sales Tax) Simplification  |  What you need to know!  Some changes will take place January 1, 2015, while other changes have been postponed by the Governor until January 1, 2016.  The Arizona Department of Revenue is posting the most current information on their web site.  Follow this link to see the latest on what is happening and when.

NEW! Reporting Gilbert Privilege Tax  |  Starting with your January 2015 Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax Return (AZ TPT-1), taxpayers will be required to report their local Privilege Tax by tax classification (similar to how you currently report your State Transaction Privilege Tax).  The Arizona Department of Revenue has published the new Standardized Business Tax Classification Codes that now apply to Local Privilege Tax reporting. Previously, Taxpayers reported their Gilbert Privilege Tax under one or two Business Codes 000 & 003.  These codes have been replaced with a unique code for each Tax Classification.  Follow this link to see the new list of Gilbert codes. 


NEW! Other Reporting Changes  |  Starting with your January 2015 Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax Return (AZ TPT-1), the Department has revised the Deduction Codes used when taking deductions on your tax returns.  To qualify for a deduction, you will have to use these new Deduction Codes.  Follow this link for a complete list of the new Deduction Codes. 


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