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General Plan 2012

The Town of Gilbert’s General Plan is the Community’s vision and guide for future physical, economic and social development and is a long-range policy document covering a period of ten (10) to twenty (20) years. The General Plan contains visions, goals, policies and implementation strategies that guide decisions such as how the Town grows and looks in the future, areas appropriate for residential, employment and commercial uses, areas to reserve for parks and open space, the location of new roads and energy and resource conservation and sustainability. The General Plan seeks to assure that decisions are consistent with the Community’s Vision.

General Plan 2012

General Plan Updates

Chapter 10 Character Areas – Case # GP14-02

Character Areas are specific geographic areas that possess unique or special characteristics or have the potential to evolve into a unique area, unlike any other in the Town. There are four Character Areas in the Town.

 Character Areas
  • Heritage District Character Area
  • Gateway Character Area
  • Morrison Ranch Character Area 
  • Santan Character Area

CharacterAreaPin-SantanThe Santan Character Area is being updated to reflect what the community envisions for their future.

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