Independent Regulatory Advocates (IRA)


The Town of Gilbert is dedicated to providing best in class service. If you are dissatisfied with the way a town code or regulation is being interpreted or applied, the Town of Gilbert is open to reviewing and potentially amending the code or regulation with the assistance of an Independent Regulatory Advocate (IRA).

Independent Regulatory Advocates are individuals and organizations available to help navigate through the town's policies and approval process. Independent Regulatory Advocates have the option to assist on a case-by-case basis. If your case is not accepted by an Independent Regulatory Advocate, contact the town's Development Services Department at (480) 503-6700 for additional options.

The following are certified Independent Regulatory Advocates:

Gilbert Chamber of Commerce
119 N. Gilbert Road, Suite 101
Gilbert, AZ 85299
Phone: (480) 892-0056

Small Business Alliance
1760 E. Pecos Road, Suite 344
Gilbert, AZ 85295
Phone: (480) 400-9360

Les Presmyk
Phone: (602) 370-0639

Don Skousen
Phone: (480)363-4880