Traffic Engineering

The Town of Gilbert actively seeks to ensure neighborhoods are safe and enjoyable. To this end our Traffic Engineering Section provides a wide array of technical services for its citizens as well as support for other departments internal to the Town.This section plays an important role in development review, permitting processes, transportation planning, roadway infrastructure improvements, neighborhood traffic management programs, and accident reduction programs. If you have any questions or comments regarding traffic operations or safety, you can contact us by phone at (480) 503-6739 or by email at


Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation - The Town of Gilbert has a traffic mitigation process to respond to resident's concerns regarding issues such as speeding, parking and other traffic safety issues. To request mitigation of any issue in your neighborhood please complete the below Neighborhood Mitigation form.

Download Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Form

Speed Hump Policy - Gilbert has adopted a Policy Statement regarding installation and maintenance of traffic calming devices such a speed cushion or other approved device in residential areas on certain public roadways. Below is the policy for your review.

Download Speed Hump Policy

 Work within the Town right-of-way including work on/near a roadway requires a Traffic Control/Work Zone Permit. Such work includes: Traffic Striping, Traffic Signing,Traffic Signal, Oversize Load, Haul Route, Trafffic Calming Device, Traffic Control/Work Zone

Download Traffic Engineering Permit Application

Traffic Counts for the previous five years are available on-line. For earlier counts, please contact the Traffic Engineering Department directly with your request.   

Questions or comments regarding traffic flow, restrictions or improvements should be directed to Debbie Whapham, (480) 503-6739 or by email at Debbie.Whapham@gilbertaz. The Traffic Engineering section is located in Municipal Office Building II located at 90 E. Civic Center Drive.