Strategic Initiatives


Strategic Plan 2011-2016, Introduction by Mayor John Lewis

From the first day of Gilbert's official existence as an incorporated Town in 1920, our community has planned for our future. As an example, the first item of business for the Town Council was to authorize the building of the water tower to provide a consistent water supply using a gravity flow system. In the late 40s, a sewer system became a priority and money was allocated for the installation of our first sewer lines. With great excitement, many citizens declared, "We have become a modern city!" In 1956, the community rallied around plans to improve roads. After the last road in downtown was paved, the citizens celebrated by organizing a children's parade on Gilbert road. Following the parade, the citizens enjoyed a bbq meal for the entire Town. In 1974, our community leaders could see that our Town of just a few square miles would have a maximum population of 2,000 citizens at build-out. With their foresight and the cooperative assistance of local landowners and farmers, funds were secured to annex additional land. Today Gilbert consists of approximately 73 square miles of land with space to allow our 2010 population of 225,000 to increase to nearly 340,000 citizens when we are at build-out. In 2010, we celebrated the results of 90 years of planning and the implementation of our plans. And we continued building on that success. Two plans were our primary focus during the year:

Our Town's General Plan was updated creating a blueprint from now to our final build-out. For our Strategic Plan, we identified strategic initiatives and goals to guide our efforts for the next five years. Our most recent planning efforts have been compiled into this document our Town of Gilbert Strategic Plan, 2011-2016. This Plan will direct us in the next few years as we strive to maintain our "clean, safe, and vibrant" community. We thank all who have contributed, both Town staff and community participants. Your efforts are appreciated. Together we look forward to a bright future for our wonderful home we call "Gilbert!"

Strategic Goals and Status

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