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NEW! TPT (Sales Tax) Simplification  |  What you need to know!  Some changes will take place January 1, 2015, while other changes have been postponed by the Governor until January 1, 2016.  The Arizona Department of Revenue is posting the most current information on their web site.  Follow this link to see the latest on what is happening and when.

NEW! Reporting Gilbert Privilege Tax  |  Starting with your January 2015 Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax Return (AZ TPT-1), taxpayers will be required to report their local Privilege Tax by tax classification (similar to how you currently report your State Transaction Privilege Tax).  The Arizona Department of Revenue has just published the new Standardized Business Tax Classification Codes that now applies to Local Privilege Tax reporting.  Currently, Taxpayers report their Gilbert Privilege Tax under one or two Business Codes 000 & 003.  These codes are being replaced with a unique code for each Tax Classification.  Follow this link to see the new list of Gilbert codes. 

NEW! Other Reporting Changes  |  Starting with your January 2015 Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax Return (AZ TPT-1), the Department has revised the Deduction Codes used when taking deductions on your tax returns.  To qualify for a deduction, you will have to use these new Deduction Codes.  Follow this link for a complete list of the new Deduction Codes. 

 NEW! Gilbert Tax Code Changes  |  As a result of the TPT Simplification, on February 19, 2015 Gilbert Town Council will be considering changes to the Privilege Tax Licensing provisions of the Town Code.  Follow this link to see a summary of the changes.  To view the full text of the code changes, follow this link

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